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Integrated HR Suite of Applications
(eHR Suite)

Integrated HR Suite of Applications (eHR Suite)

eHR Suite delivered electronically, allows employees to perform traditional ‘HR tasks’ on their own, at any time, from their browser. The basic scope of transactions of our eHR covers personnel processes such as the maintenance of personal data, registration for training courses, the booking of travel and accommodation, time administration and the submission of expenses.

HR Intranet Solution
(eHR Intranet)

HR Intranet Solution (eHR Intranet)

eHR Intranet , help our customers create maximum value from the intelligence that sits within their organization. Intelligence that’s locked away: in people’s minds, in email inboxes, deep in servers, or somewhere in the cloud. We achieve this by offering an intranet software that’s intelligent. Software that understands their business.

Learning Management Solution

Learning Management Solution (eLearning)

A Learning Management System (LMS) is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of education courses or training programs. Already a nearly billion - dollar industry, LMS products and software allow any organization to develop electronic coursework, deliver it with unprecedented reach and flexibility, and manage its continued use over time.

Claim Processing Solution

Claim Processing Solution (eClaims)

Forget inefficient spreadsheet reporting and lengthy calculations for tedious benefits and claims management. eClaims module streamlines centralized HR management by automating accounting processes, limits and policy tracking of complex benefits, and eliminating intensive expense management. The smart and powerful features of the eClaims module support in-trend industry policies which HR managers can enforce in a matter of minutes.

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Outstation & Overseas Travel Management (eTravel)

Outstation & Overseas Travel Management (eTravel)

RSolutions eTravel delivers a robust travel solution to its customers and makes sure that the needs of the customer are satisfied and is delivering a planned, strategic, e- travel solution that caters to all the customers’ needs within one platform. RSolutions eTravel Management is a one stop solution for all transport / travel related requirements be that reimbursement, booking cabs, checking availability, etc.

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Local Conveyance Management Solution (eConveyance)

Local Conveyance Management Solution (eConveyance)

Local Conveyance Booking System – This section of eTravel mainly deals with Cab booking request and management of requests within the organization.

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Performance Appraisal Management Solution (eAppraisal)

Performance Appraisal Management Solution (eAppraisal)

RSolutions eAppraisal helps organizations recognize the right talent and acknowledge their efforts in the right way so as to bring harmony in the system and increase employee performance in the right way. With this facility at your finger-tips, the organizations can now ensure their employees get continuous feedback, direction and training they need to be engaged in performing high.

Internal Requests Management Solution (eRequisition)

Internal Requests Management Solution (eRequisition)

RSolutions e-Requisition offers you software solution to manage all request generated in the organization by various employees distributed geographically, for effective servicing of those requests. Request management system allows you to keep track of all requests that come into your system.

Meeting Room Reservation Solution

Meeting Room Reservation Solution (eMRR)

There’s nothing more frustrating than showing up for a meeting only to discover someone else is already using the room you thought was available. Next time, don’t get left out in the cold. The RSolutions e- Meeting Room Reservation comes with an automotive way to organize and manage the scheduling of conference rooms, meeting rooms, and office spaces with a vast amount of scheduling options for multiple locations within the company.

Helpdesk Management Solution

Helpdesk Management Solution (eHelpdesk)

Experience best-in-class support ticketing. With a robust yet easy-to-use ticket management system, you can now categorize, prioritize and assign every query coming in from multiple support channels at ease, allowing you to deliver the support experience of a lifetime.

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Asset Management Solution

Asset Management Solution (eAsset)

RSolutions’ eAsset is a web-based asset management system that helps you manage and monitor your organization's office assets from "cradle to grave". Every employee can view the list of assets they own (e.g. PC, mobile phone), transfer these assets and perform an online stocktaking.

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Document Management Solution

Document Management Solution (eDMS)

Imagine yourself surrounded by a heap of documents and files. Probably most of us have seen this in Government offices such as the local Municipal Corporation. In fact, the situation is not very different in several corporate organizations. What you need is a Document Management System that helps you manage vast amounts of paperwork so that you meet your business goals smoothly.

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Sales Automation Solution
(eSAS & eMIS)

Sales Automation Solution (eSAS & eMIS)

To cope with the growth in market space, clients today have expanded the sales team in recent years. Today, every organization needs an advanced Sales Force Automation System to handle all related requirements including, sales enquiry, contact management, policy information and generation, agency ordering, sales cases monitoring, sales training management...etc.

Finance Management Solution

Finance Management Solution (eFinance)

RSolutions eFinance Tool is basically designed for Logistics Companies. Many aspects of finance related matters are considered and automated within this tool. Some of the key features are,
GST Vendor Registration
Vendor Registration & Approval
Soft Copy Cost Sheet Integration
Hard Copy Cost Sheet Integration

Employee Self Service Management Solution (eESS)

Employee Self Service Management Solution (eESS)

Over the past few years, companies have begun to recognize the benefits of ESS for accomplishing routine tasks. Web-based ESS installations gained momentum in large organizations throughout the late 1990s as companies sought to reduce costs and improve service to employees, according to a white paper from Best Software, Inc.. With the growing usage of IT.

Library Management Solution

Library Management Solution (eLibrary)

The library management system (eLiabrary) provides the core functionality for running a library including acquisitions, cataloging, and circulation functions. Supporting the eLiabrary requires managing all of these different software components. Advancements in software technologies and, especially, Internet technologies have created more sophisticated systems, and more demanding users.

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Internal Recruitment Management Solution (eRecruitment)

Internal Recruitment Management Solution (eRecruitment)

e-Recruitment Tools help organization in their internal recruitment process.

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Exit Process Management Solution

Exit Process Management Solution (eExit)

eExit Tools help organization in their internal Exit processes for employees.

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Extranet Management Solution

Extranet Management Solution (eExtranet)

RSolutions eExtranet Tool is a bundle of solutions that help you connect with your business partners. It helps in establishing complete transparency between company and business partners.
The solution comprises of over 100+ features. Some key features are
Online CHAT Integration
Feedback Solution, Service & AMC Tracking etc

Order Management Solution

Order Management Solution (eOMS)

RSolutions eOMS allows users to effectively manage the entire cycle of information flow from the moment the order receipt to payment (Order to Cash) is released. It helps organizations to manage creation of order from partners, customers and internal departments. Functions of OMS allows promptly manage and control the process of selling, purchasing, internal transfers, returns, shipping, payment and various other processes.

Content Management Solution

Content Management Solution (eCMS)

RSolutions eCMS is a software solution that provides website authoring, collaboration, and administration tools designed to allow users with little knowledge of web programming languages or mark-up languages to create and manage website content with relative ease. Web Content Management System (eCMS) is a necessity when maintaining a corporate website or intranet.

Car Web Showroom Management Solution (eShowroom)

Car Web Showroom Management Solution (eShowroom)

People don't just walk up to a dealership and pick out a new car. They ask questions and do their research - often online - before ever getting to the dealership. We look at how that is done to help car marketers their message in front of the right people at the right time . It's approximately two to three months before a shopper gets behind the wheel for a test drive.

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School Management Solution

School Management Solution (eSchool)

The RSolutions eSchool is an advanced web-based solution, offering high flexibility and efficient management of academic data. This application platform provides a right communication link between teachers, parents and students so that a good feedback system and a knowledge-rich environment can be created, which in-turn will add zing to the existing education system.

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Clinic Management Solution

Clinic Management Solution (eClinic)

eClinic, Clinical Management Solution is created to computerize manual operations in clinics. The primary purpose is to digitize patient records so as to make data retrieval easy and efficient. Being in the digital form, patient data can be conveniently shared and accessed by multiple simultaneous users at different locations, resulting in smoother clinical operations and collaboration among clinicians.

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Customer Relationship Management Solution (eCRM)

Customer Relationship Management Solution (eCRM)

Companies today can save a lot of time and money by allowing customers to resolve many issues themselves. The solution includes the web based customer support component, which gives customers and partners the ability to query a knowledgebase of common problems. Using a standard Web browser, customers can get the help they need during and after business hours.

Car Service Tracking Solution

Car Service Tracking Solution (eService)

This online application helps the user book his/her car service from the comfort of the home and track the status. Key features are,
Maintaining Customer Database
Bulk Update of Master Data
Service Booking & Tracking
Track Call History

Online Magazine Management Solution (eMagazine)

Online Magazine Management Solution (eMagazine)

eMagazine Online Solution from RSolutions allows any magazine to be converted to an Online Magazine with various interesting features. Some of the key features of eMagazine are,
Complete Magazine Section that can be updated on a monthly or bi-monthly basis
A section for people who want to showcase their research papers online.

MRP Solution

MRP Solution (eBizPro)

RSolutions eBizPro is a highly effective resource planning software. It helps in utilizing and maintenance of resources that are necessary to produce a complete product and its variations. This is a prerequisite to profitability for any manufacturing company and minimizes the pilferage or wastage of resources. It also helps in planning effective ways of utilizing these resources and scheduling accurate planning processes.

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Property Management Solution

Property Management Solution (ePMS)

Online ePMS is an innovative offering centred around real estate spaces, thereby helping new-age corporations operate more effectively and efficiently.Key features of the system are,
Data-Bank of all Customers with Customer & Contact Management Tool
Employee Master Maintenance, Projects/Services Master Maintenance.

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Shopping Portal Solution

Shopping Portal Solution (eShopping)

RSolutions eShopping Tool allows user to configure a complete Shopping Portal with dynamic features in a short time. Some of the key features are ,
Complete Management of Products – Category & Sub-Category Wise, Shopping Cart & Order Management,
Best Selling Products, Top Selling Products, New Products, and many more such classifications.

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Feedback Management Solution

Feedback Management Solution (eFeedback)

eFeedback Tool from RSolutions can help companies configure and capture feedback from various sources be it from students, customers, employees, users, buyers and more. Some of the key features are,
Complete configuration of Feedback Form, Capturing of Feedback, Reporting Services.

Item Code Creation Management Solution (eProducts)

Item Code Creation Management Solution (eProducts)

RSolutions eProducts is a complete workflow solution for adding, approving and managing Items created in BaaN using a user-friendly interface. Some of the key features are,
Data syncing from BaaN to e-Products, New Item Creation Request from Departments and Workflow Process, Syncing the new items to BaaN after approvals.

Warranty Tracking Solution

Warranty Tracking Solution (eWarranty)

RSolutions eWarranty Tool helps companies to manage the warranties of products sold to their customers. Some of the key features are,
Customer, Supplier & Support Provider Masters, Receipt of Items from Suppliers, Sale of Items to Customer with Support Provider Linking, Sales, Purchase & Warranty Tracking.

Property Portal Solution

Property Portal Solution (eProperty)

RSolutions latest product is eProperty. This is a complete solution for Real Estate Industry. It has all the features of a Real Estate Portal like Buying, Renting or Leasing of Properties. Many-many interesting features are built in for this product.

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Apartment Management Solution

Apartment Management Solution

RSolutions latest product is eApartment. Apartment management solution helps to maintain & manage day to day operations of the apartment by the managing committee of the apartment.

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Productive Tools for Various Industries

eTools (Productive Tools for Various Industries)

Artwork Management Tool, Customer Repository Tool, Market Analysis Tool, Sales Planning Tool, Promotion Planning Tool, Project Planning & Review Tool, Online Calendar Tool, MG Claims Processing Tool, AR Management Tool, PO Management Tool, Engineering Web Portal Tool, Online Communication Tool with Mailing Solution, Website / Portal Management Tool, And More...

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