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RSolutions Learning Academy

RSolutions Learning Academy

RSolutions Learning Academy

RSolutions Learning Academy opines that, soft skills complement technical skills or technical requirements for a candidate seeking a job. RSolutions Learning Academy aims at 360 degrees alignment between these two areas and preparing industry ready candidates which will bridge the skill gap in the industry today and contribute to creating a knowledge economy. In the current globally competitive and highly dynamic job market, being industry ready is even more important to graduates, but the general education curriculum continues to be tangential to those needs. That is why; RSolutions Learning Academy plans to assist education institutes / universities by becoming their knowledge partners in due course of time.

This will prepare students to be ‘industry ready’ professionals from day one of their career. At the same time, the industry is benefited by having to invest less on training and skilling candidates which takes time and affects their bottom-line.

RSolutions Learning Academy has evolved from RSolutions, driven by practical necessity of making profoundly new contributions to human social, knowledge and economic well being.

RSolutions Learning Academy RSolutions Learning Academy aims at creating talent bank filled with knowledge economy .

It is no longer clear what knowledge and skills will be relevant to the rapidly changing needs of business.what is clear that that business will need better learners.

RSolutions Learning Academy To prepare today’s young people to be effective change agents and navigators of technology-rich and knowledge-intensive world.

RSolutions Learning Academy's QLeap Intensives act like catalyst.

RSolutions Learning Academy Learn and work on Advanced Web Technology in a corporate environment and enhance your WEBility.

QLeap Intensive I Duration – 3 months

Technical Skills from business perspective

Web / Internet Knowhow

High Level Languages (C#, ASP.NET, VB.NET)

Framework of .NET 2.0/3.X

Scripting Languages (AJAX, XML / DHTML / HTML / CSS)

Backend / Database – SQL Server 2005/2008

Understanding of Project, Documentation and Execution

Work on One live project and learn complete project process Management Skills specific to IT Industry

Induction Training

A comprehensive Project Management- Renewed Industry Requirement

General Management – Corporation Specific

Business Communication

Effective Time Management

Industry specific soft skills




Positive Work Ethics

Critical Thinking

Decision Making

Team Skills

QLeap Intensive II Duration – 6 months

QLeap Intensive I

An opportunity to work on Three Live Projects

Agile Practice & Techniques

Out bound training

Interactive session with corporate leaders

On successful completion of QLeap Intensives respective experience certificates will be issued with project details

QLeap Intensives are specifically meant for fresh graduates/engineers with IT/CS as specialization, who want to develop a more in depth knowledge in WEB Technology.

These training courses are aimed for conditioning aspiring student to be an all round professional – ready for deliverable from day one of his professional career.

These training courses are carefully designed to improvise on the basic skills, which corporate houses need not invest on their fresh employees.

QLeap Intensives are justifiably unique and diverse Training Methodology. Because….

The ingredients come from the Veteran Scholars, Senior Corporates and Military Experts… From Theory to Practical life experiences…

From War Fields to Work Places…

From Borders to Board Rooms.

QLeap Intensives aim at focusing on technical skills of the individuals and also train them on Origanization Cultures.

QLeap Intensives would be their ticket to all the best IT Companies in the world.

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