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HR Services

People. Process. Power.

People are the key asset in any organization. That is why; we are passionate about creating and deploying the best of HR Services to ensure a highly motivated and energetic workforce at your organization which inturn affords higher growth ands ervice excellence for your enterprise.

Providing Solutions

Industry Based Recruitment Solutions:

RSolutions Global is committed to providingtop-quality and suitable talent that is industry ready and can work towards comprehending their true potential and channelize that towards growth of the organization. We can undertake campus recruitment on behalf of our clients which saves them time and resources.

Executive Search

We @ RSolutions Global work for companies to help them discover the right talent or leadership who can lead the company to newer heights. We undertake executive search, or identifying the best talents, professionals and executives that enables your business to achieve its strategic business goals.

Cost-effective Recruitment for SMEs

We actively seek empanelment with leading SMEs who can trust our services and give us a chance to showcase our services to best of their needs. We ensure that the hiring process of the company is simplified and saves time and meets both the company’s recruitment priorities. In addition to screening candidates, we manage the entire interview process right through salary negotiationand on-boarding.

We are committed to quality of candidates while hiring for our clients. We provide top-class and cost-effective staffing solutions for SMEs.

Consultancy Services

Training & Development Services:

In a dynamic and globalized world with rapidly changing needs, it is not always possible to predict what are the knowledge and skills that will be required to address day-to-day needs of a business. However, what will be critical is the ability of an enterprise and its associates to be better learners.

To meet the industries training and development needs RSolutions offers customized courses to help develop an industry-ready talent pool that can cater to both current and future needs of any organization.

HR Services

HR Consulting Services:

RSolutions Global provides a variety of HR Consulting services for small and mid-sized enterprises. Our certified HR consultants can address your human resource needs that you may not have the time, expertise, or resources to address effectively for whatever reason. Our solutions are highly customized based on the client’s unique business challenges.

They are designed to deliver day-to-day efficiencies and address long-term strategic advantage through improved HR Management. Our services can be availed independently or as an integrated package to give clients the flexibility and expertise they need, when they need it.

Some of the consulting services are as follows:

  • HR Strategy
  • Compliance
  • Benefits and Compensation
  • Communications
  • Employee Relations
  • Record Keeping
  • Health Safety and Security
  • Interim Support
  • HR Tools
  • Others

Payroll Management:

RSolutions pioneering entry into Payroll Management will help companies to manage one of their routine activities enabling them to focus solely on company’s vital strategic interventions. Companies can look into it as a cost effective Intervention that will help them navigate through bigger and larger dreams they have set for their organizations.

Customized Solutions: