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Verified & Validated

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Recommended for
SMEs & Enterprises

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Help to expand your

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ePMS is a software built and focused on companies innovative offerings solutions centered around real estate spaces. Companies, with their offerings help new-age corporations operate more effectively & efficiently; and take advantage of the latest trends in business techniques, processes and automation.

Through a combination of smart spaces, shared employee conveniences and partnered spaces on a pay-per-use model, companies helps such emerging corporations offer the best of spaces and amenities to talent - enabling them to compete more effectively in the war for talent.


Companies in this shared, co-work and rental spaces, have grown over years, but the management process is manual. The information and Invoicing to customers is manual. ePMS has being developed to overcome these challenges by implementing an online platform for all information and billing related system, which can operate multi-dimensional and can operate and produce results and ROI for these companies.


The only way you're going to do that is to improve your space utilization. But first, you need visibility into how your buildings, offices, meeting rooms, pantry, parking lots and other facilities are being used. That means it's absolutely essential to have an Online Property Management Software (ePMS)


See Your Entire Real Estate Portfolio At a Glance

Property Management Software (ePMS) allows you to see everything in one place, rather than having to compile volumes of data from disparate systems at various buildings.


Custom Dashboards and Reporting

With Property Management Software (ePMS), the majority of the work is already done for you. Just export the data into a presentation-ready format, add some context and it's ready to go.

You can also create customized dashboards your executive team can view at any time, which could greatly reduce those last-minute requests.


Forecast and Plan

Monitoring space utilization trends, you'll be able to better plan for mid and long-term growth. You'll have a better idea of how much space each employee actually uses and how much more space you'll need to accommodate, say, 20 percent growth in a particular area.


Easily Find any Place or Asset

In today's agile work environment, it can be more difficult to locate rooms, buildings, or assets. And if you're a facilities manager trying to fix an equipment malfunction in a new building you're unfamiliar with, that's a problem. Property Management Software (ePMS) has a Unique style interface so you can not only see your entire real estate portfolio, but also interact with it.


Data Mobility

If you're still using spreadsheets to manage your space, you're doing yourself and your company a huge disservice. Not only is the data likely out of date, but it's not easy for anyone to access on the go.

For modern-day facility management teams, this is essential.


Improve The Functionality Of Your Space

As you increase the efficiency of your space and are able to track what changes are making the biggest impact, it becomes easier to approach upper management with data supporting large-scale office re-designs or moves.

If your space management software shows you the conference rooms are always full, you might need to close off a few more areas so employees have more places to meet or work quietly.


Easy to Track Chargeback's and Expenditures

With the space monitored, there should rarely be instances of chargeback disputes. Real-time data supports usage and can even be set to automatically report to bookkeeping daily, weekly, monthly, etc. Space monitoring will also encourage focused usage of time, which will promote more effective meetings and overall improved processes.

Key Features

ePMS is a completely dynamic, scalable, multi-dimensional and multi-location solution for the companies. ePMS has the capability to handle any no. of companies within the ecosystem, serving multi-organizations with their needs.


Data Bank of all Customers with Customer & Contact Management Tool:

Complete data of customers are maintained with access to their data at any point of time with secured access.


Employee Master Maintenance:

For management of processes for customers and internal.


Projects/Services Master Maintenance:

Multi-Country, Multi-Location, Multi-Projects, and Multi-Services.


Customer Inventory Master Maintenance:

Complete details of customer are maintained. Details captured are General Details, Project Details (Property, Floor, Unit, etc.), Contact Details, Inventory Details (Service, Area, Cost, Period, etc.), Escalation (For Increase in Cost, etc.) and Security Deposit Details.


User Master Maintenance:

User and User Right Creation Master Maintenance.


Customer Invoice Creation & Maintenance:

GST Integrated. All invoicing can be done for the services taken by the customer and invoice will be sent directly to customer through email. Customer can also login and check his invoices and make the payments for the same. Services can be billed for a day, week, month, quarter, half-yearly or yearly. Software is highly flexible and scalable.

  • Rent Invoice
  • Maintenance Invoice
  • IT (Data Management) Invoice
  • Service Related Invoice
  • Credit Note Creation & Maintenance


Payment Receipts to Customers:

Payment collected from Customers are maintained here. Even customer can be given access to upload the details.



Reports provide insights in operations. Access can be given based on permissions and access level, with provision to download data in XLS. BI/AI tools can be integrated for larger insights and better decision making for building greater ROI.

  • Customer Detailed Reports
  • Invoice Reports
  • Payment Outstanding Reports
  • Project-Wise Reports
  • Activity Log Report
  • User Login / Access Report
  • Dash Board to be provided to check all information at once.


Choosing the Right Property Management Software (ePMS)

Investing in space management software is big decision. That's why it's important to ensure that the solution you choose aligns with your company's strategy and goals.

ePMS has being developed to overcome these challenges by implementing an online platform for all information and billing related system, which can operate multi-dimensional and can operate and produce results and ROI for these companies.


Scalable | Multi-location | Multi-company | Customizable | Mobile friendly | Ready to use & more.

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