Skill & Competencies

Enterprise Solutions

Benchmarking through sophistication

In a globalized business environment, IT Solutions for business application need to be time-tested, proven, client-enabling, efficient and optimized. RSolutions is not only committed to client satisfaction but also client delight, which ensures that its solutions are evolved out of high-integrity software technologies.

Our in-house development expertise to deliver quality product includes:

  • Project Developers
  • Sr. Project Developers
  • Project Leaders
  • Graphic Designers
  • Web Administrators


  • GUI front-end development using Visual Studio, Visual InterDev, and more
  • Database analysis, systems design & development in MS Access, MS FoxPro, MS SQL Server & Oracle
  • OS: Windows (All Versions) and LINUX
  • Database administration for all databases including MS Access, MS FoxPro, MS SQL Server & Oracle

Technology areas:

Operating Systems

  • Windows (All OS)

Web Development:

  • HTML 5, HTML, DHTML, XHTML, XML, CSS3, Bootstrap, JQuery, JavaScript & more
  • Web Services
  • Enterprise Libraries
  • VB Script and ActiveX Tools
  • MS Information Servers
  • Microsoft Transaction Server
  • AJAX, JavaScript, Java/Pearl, CGI Programming, VRML
  • Real Audio, Real Video
  • Flash/Shockwave

Front-end tools and RDBMS:

  • Visual Studio
  • Visual InterDev
  • Visual C#
  • Visual Basic
  • Oracle (All Versions)
  • MS SQL Server (All Versions)
  • MS Access (All Versions)
  • MS FoxPro (All Versions)
  • Others (As specified by clients)

Multimedia Tools:

  • Asymetrix ToolBook 4.0, 5.0, II
  • Macromedia Flash/Shockwave
  • Media & Graphic Tools
  • Adobe Photo Shop
  • Others


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